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Check Availability - Sunrise


Checks the availability of the specified Domain Name(s) in the Sunrise Phase.


Name Data Type Required / Optional Description
auth-userid Integer Required Authentication Parameter
api-key String Required Authentication Parameter
domainname String Required Domain Name that you need to check the availability for in the Sunrise period
tld Array of Strings Required TLD(s) for which the Domain Name availability needs to be checked
smd String Required Pass the content of the smd file

HTTP Method


Example Test URL Request



Returns a hash map containing Domain Name availability status for the requested TLDs:

  • available - Domain Name available for registration

  • regthroughus - Domain Name currently registered through the Registrar whose connection is being used to check the availability of the Domain Name

  • regthroughothers - Domain Name currently registered through a Registrar other than the one whose connection is being used to check the availability of the Domain Name. If you wish to manage such a Domain Name through your Reseller / Registrar Account, you may pass a Domain Transfer API call. 1

  • unknown - returned, if for some reason, the Registry connections are not available. You should ideally re-check the Domain Name availability after some time.