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Disable SSL


Disables SSL for an existing Single Domain Windows Hosting Order. To learn more, click here.


This API call will not result in a refund being processed for disabling SSL.


Name Data Type Required / Optional Description
auth-userid Integer Required Authentication Parameter
api-key String Required Authentication Parameter
order-id Integer Required The OrderId for which SSL needs to be disabled.

HTTP Method


Example Test URL Request

US, Texas Server https://test.httpapi.com/api/singledomainhosting/windows/us/disable-ssl.json?auth-userid=0&api-key=key&order-id=0
UK Server https://test.httpapi.com/api/singledomainhosting/windows/uk/disable-ssl.json?auth-userid=0&api-key=key&order-id=0
India Server https://test.httpapi.com/api/singledomainhosting/windows/in/disable-ssl.json?auth-userid=0&api-key=key&order-id=0


Returns a map of the execution details of the disabling of SSL operation.